Vancouver Olympic games here we come!

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Fitterfirst product at the 2010 Olympic villages and medical centers

Mr. Fitter tries the Wii Fit

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We now have our household Wii! It fits in nicely with all the DuraBalls and Wobble boards we have around our home. My kids are 11 , 12 and my step son is 23 so this stuff is used often. For us, the Wii came at Christmas with all the games except the Wii Fit ...

How did Fitter come to be?

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I grew up as a bit of a balance freak as I like to skate board, ski and do other dynamic and some say risky sports. In 1979 I had a knee operation to remove a bucket handle tear on my meniscus. In 1982 I had 4 incisions on my feet to remove large bone spurs from my heels and hammer bones from both my big toes (a knife-happy